Careanuff Kennel Reg'd

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds

Welcome to Careanuff Kennel!



Charlie Brown (top)


Molly Mouse (bottom)




 Tammy L. Brown

    R.R. #1  

Newbury,  Ontario,

   N0L 1Z0



              1-10pm daily

ATTENTION -- when you email me....

please include a phone number in your email when you contact me.. 

it would also be nice to get an email if your interested in my dogs/pups that is more then 2 words like --HOW MUCH?? 

i would like to hear a bit more about you, your situation, how many people are in home, what you want for colour/pattern and what sex you want or are you open to what is available?   Have you had a dachshund before or have do you dog experience?   Do you have any pets now? etc....

this is not only courteous but gives me a better opinion of you, then the one word email.

 thank you!!!




I know there is ALOT of information posted here but well worth the time it takes to go thru the many pages.  Please take time to read thru as well as enjoy our many pics of dogs/pups shown in my web site!!




PLEASE KNOW--we DO NOT have a BARN or KENNEL BUILDING that our dogs are kept in!!

ALL our dogs live in our home with us!!                                                       

--we ONLY have 2-6 litters a year which allows us to give ALL our ATTENTION to our dogs and the few litters of pups we produce.            

--our dogs DO NOT live in an OLD BARN, WAY out back where parents and pups are stuck.... dirty AND starved for human contact.

--all our dogs are use to the sounds of a NORMAL household activities, loved and cuddled daily!!



Cessily and Sid litter





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